Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's That Time Of The Year

The 2015 calendars are ready!

A good mix of our favorite cast of characters.


Queen Elizabeth

Comby's sleeping again.  It's become our little joke (since he's the only hard working cat on the farm ;-).

We can't fit everyone on a month, but there are lots of little pictures.  Don't worry, Hank got his own month.  He's also in the small pictures to keep an eye on Miss Maisie though ;-).

Plenty of Maisie.  Maybe a little too much of Miss Maisie (look at that tummy!).

Of course, 20.

Iris hated having her picture taken, but sometimes she'd grin and bear it.  Sort of like having to babysit silly lambs or sleep on a sisal mat rather then her own comfy bed (Baaxter!).    

The horses, Betsy, Emily and Casper Belly, baby birds, Spud, Hank, Blossom and Miss Tilly.

The Lamb Camp calendars are a different shape this year.  The pictures are approximately 6" x 9". I'm not sure why I do these smaller, but I kind of like that they'll fit almost anywhere.  Please let me know what you think.

Again, lots of favorites :-).

Lots of snorgling :-).

Lots of good naps :-).

And a bit of (temporarily) controlled naughtiness.

If this isn't a kissable face...

Getting kissed...

Napping AND kissable combined!  Excuse the glare on this picture of the picture :-/.

*     *     *     *     *

Let's do this like we did last year.  Equinox Farm calendars are $12.50 each and the Lamb Camp calendars are $10.00. Shipping (to the US) should range from $4.00 to $6.10 and the padded Priority Flat Rate envelopes will hold at least three farm calendars for that price.

Shipping overseas last year was not as expensive as I feared (except one country, maybe Australia?). I'm happy to get a quote for you.  Likewise for Canada.  

If you'd like to order one (or more), just send me an email with what you'd like and your shipping address. I'll send them out with an invoice and a return envelope and you can drop a check in the mail upon receipt.  

There are also Lamb Camp note cards, Christmas cards, drop spindle kits...in the farm shop if you are interested.

One other (and more fun :-) option - for the local (and maybe not so local) folks - everything will be available for pick up at the Open Farm Day celebrating National Hug A Sheep Day this Saturday!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Stills - I'm Going With Green

Ed posted a picture of a Green Bay Packers hat and said we had to guess what the challenge was for this week. Hmmm, could be the color green, could be football, could be the Packers (but seems unlikely ;-)... Since the last time I posted about the Packers they stunk, I'm going with the color green!

Stella and I were just talking yesterday about how green it is for this time of year.  The lighter green inside the fence is where everyone over grazes the hillside instead of utilizing the taller grass out and about.  The grass next to the driveway is only grazed when I leave the gate open ;-).

Hank and his shadow, Spud.

I couldn't figure out what he was looking at until I cropped this in.  Gentle Hank :-).

For more guesses about this week's Sunday Stills challenge...

Friday, October 17, 2014

Around Here

Tis the season for mail order catalogs and I browsed through a couple while I ate lunch yesterday thinking I was really on top of my game by already thinking about the holidays.  Look what I found in Plow and Hearth!  

"There was a time when only the landed gentry had sheep grazing on their grass, and the sight of a ewe and lamb meant wealth and affluence."

Um, around here that means I left a gate open!  

And I promptly bought myself a Christmas gift ;-).

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rain Respite

I know cloudy, dreary days drag most people down, but I don't mind them one bit. I also love when the sun peeks out for a few minutes too, though ;-).  

A rainbow cloud for Linda :-).

The purple butterfly bush in the background deserves a big round of applause.  That poor thing barely made it through last winter only to have Baaxter try to gobble up every tiny shoot as it tried to recover in the spring.  It now has a protective fence around it and is blooming big :-).

Not many spiders left, but this one sure picked a pretty location.  There are still two spiders left on the garage and lots and lots of egg sacks for next year :-).

A few blooms down, but plenty still to come.  I love that the bricks look like they've been there forever.

Ewen, McTeagle - a giant among Jacobs :-).

Heading back in.  Love the placement of the sun spot and freshly washed look of the barn lot.

And a slight turn to the right out of the direct sun.  That is actually Renny standing next to Hank. The Spud pictures came a few minutes later.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hug (Or Kiss) A Sheep Day

Yikes. I've got more to do than I've got time to do, so the behinder I get...and this post just gets more random the longer I work on it.  I thought coffee might help, but it didn't.  Buckle up!

*     *     *     *     *

Hug A Sheep Day is (once again) rapidly approaching.  Please help spread the news.  It's not too late to plan something fun whether you are a sheep farm, yarn shop or even just yourself!  We will be hosting an Open Farm Day here :-).  Follow the Hug a Sheep Day label on the right side of the blog for pictures from previous years.

While everyday is a good day to hug a sheep, this year's special day is Saturday, October 25th.  This is the fifth year!  I can't believe it.  The official website is www.nationalhugasheepday.com. There is also now a Hug a Sheep Facebook page, but who knows if I'm going to be smart enough to utilize that correctly.

If you'd like to "sign up", leave a comment either here or on the main site or the FB page and I'll add you to the list.  Feel free to include a link to your website, blog...especially if you would like to share some pictures later.  If your event (large or small) is open to the public, note that as well.

Speaking of pictures, I snapped these sweet shots on the fly yesterday (when I should have been working, but a couple minutes of sun is a couple minutes of sun, right? ;-).  They aren't in perfect focus or framed very well, especially with that distracting background, but I'm so glad I caught them. They reminded me of a beautiful video a friend sent me the other day.

This is Spud, but who does he remind you of?

Guess who's Hershey's younger brother?  Yep, Spud.  In fact, Hank had just gotten done "yelling" at him a couple minutes before I took these.  Spud didn't care.  While not quite a "center of the universe" sort of sheep, he's definitely laid back and loves Hank...and is another close talker ;-).

Okay, to recap:
  • Spread the word about Hug a Sheep Day (please :-).
  • Open Farm Day here October 25th
  • Watch the video - it's wonderful!
  • Spud's growing up to be just like his brother (which is sweet...until he pushes it too far, right Hank? ;-)
  • If you don't have a sheep to hug today (because, repeat after me, every day is a good day to hug a sheep ;-), hug your good dog.  Where would we be without them!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Flowers

I mostly took a bunch of fairly uninspiring pictures of the very inspiring flowers around the Wool House yesterday.  I've had an outstanding flower year and feel like it's rapidly coming to a close. Love the flowers, but love the cool to cold weather as well.  It's a complicated relationship ;-).

We are getting a bunch of rain and storms today, so I wanted some pictures just in case all my blooms hit the ground.  Hopefully they won't and I'll get a chance for a do-over.

Weaslie's my little shadow now.  She used to follow Iris and still looks for her every time we head for the barn.  I'm probably a poor substitute since I can't run as fast as Iris did.  That was the big game.

This variety of lavender is called Jean Davis.  It blooms a very pale pink that look more like white to me.  Note to future self, plant more flowers down the back fence of the lavender garden.  And a second planting too!

I need to get started preparing my lavender for winter.  I'm afraid we're going to have another tough one and I sure don't want a repeat of the losses from last year.  Aside from the sheep barn, this is my favorite place on the farm.

As I was picking out pictures this morning I kept smelling lavender.  Talk about a picture painting a thousand words!  And then I remembered I had a bag of lavender soap from my favorite soap maker sitting next to my desk ;-).

Note to future self (as in next spring and early summer!), plant even more marigolds and put them all over the yard.  These hard working flowers, along with my zinnias, have really made my summer!  

Are there any other flowers like these that I should know about and plan for next year?

Monday, October 13, 2014


In knitting, a UFO is an UnFinished Object. In our neighborhood...they are, well, the traditional Unidentified Flying Objects.  As I was am trying to update all the old pages of our website, I added a bit to the farm page about how much we love our neighborhood.  Less than 24 hours later I had just the sort of story to back that up :-). 

Tim was cleaning up the last of tornado damage down by the road yesterday.  One of the neighbors stopped to fill him in on all the latest news and complain about how busy he was.  He listed all sorts of chores and obligations and threw in that he and another neighbor were also going to go out and try to find where the UFO landed.

"Wait, excuse me?" Tim asked.

"Yeah, I've got to go here and do this and then help so and so do this and..." the neighbor continued.

"No, the part about the UFO!"

Yeah, a "UFO" had been spotted by several neighbors, the word had gone out, no one knew what it was, but there were several theories and several theories as to where it landed...  After/Instead of doing their practical chores, they were all going around looking for it.  Little did they know that Stella and I had found it the day before ;-).

I saw it "land" about the same time the horses did.

Stella came out to see it.

And Hank was up there in no time as well.

"What is that, Stella?  Looks like there's some writing on there.  Can you read it to me?"

I was thinking it was another one of those little kids tying a note to a balloon and asking the finder to let them know how far it went.  It wasn't.  They were balloons released for a young girl who had died in an automobile accident :-/.  They'd made it over a hundred miles, so we tried to re-release them off the fence, but too many were deflated.  

I love this picture of Hickory even after I found out the balloons he was looking at so attentively weren't happy balloons.  I wish he didn't have his grazing muzzle on, but you can see by how much rich grass is still, in the middle of October (!), half way up his lower legs, that without the grazing muzzle we might be releasing balloons for him as well.

Some horses just can't handle so much grass.  Grass founder is an ugly experience.  The other option would be to build a small dry lot and lock both horses up for 6 months of the year.  I'm sure that any horse would rather wear a muzzle (that doesn't stop them from eating, but does slow them down) and roam free than stand in a small, dusty pen.


The white hairs on Hickory's nose were not caused by the muzzle.  He came with those and apparently has had them most or all of his life. 

There is another UFO story on this blog somewhere (a couple years ago), but I can't find it (?).

How many blogs can say that???  ;-D

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cat Sniffing Is Alive And...Well, Not So Grate Akshully

As always, Comby was happy to take a walk out back with me. Hank joined us when we got back to the front field.

"Hi Comby.  Did you have a nice walk?" 

"Yeah, there were some balloons up on the fence next to Stella's so we went up to see what they were.  What's new in the creek?"

"Don't know.  Just got down here."

Murphy and Woody close in to commence sniffing.  I have no idea why, but sheep LOVE to sniff cats.  

I've never seen them sniff a dog or a chicken.  Just. Cats.

"I know you're back there, Murphy. You better leave me alone!"

"Back off, Stupid Murphy!"


"Alright you two, break it up."

Murphy wouldn't leave him be.  A minute later he was climbing down into the creek to make another attempt, this time dragging sweet, innocent little Baaxter with him ;-).  I decided it was time to put everyone in separate corners.  Comby was happy to oblige.

*     *     *     *     *

You've probably noticed I've been trying to make some changes to the blog.  I have an old website that I can no longer get into to edit, so have not been able to make date changes for our Hug A Sheep Open Farm Day this year...  Rather than try to learn a new system and since I mostly get along with Blogger quite well, I'm trying to move everything over here.  At least for now.

I'm still working out the kinks, so if you notice something wonky or something that doesn't make sense, please let me know.  I'm also trying to update the farm shop to include the 2015 calendars...so hang tight.  They're ready to ship out, but I'm not.  I need to double check postage and such. Monday!

I am aware that the Mostly Maisie Slide Show has the navigation bar images in it.  Grrr.  I can't figure out how to remove them without deleting them...which would then delete them from the top of the page.  I thought about starting a new slide show, but I'm afraid to mess up what's already there.  I love to see all those baby Maisie pictures slide by.  Sigh.

I'll hit it some more tomorrow :-).


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