Monday, March 13, 2017

No Respect

"No respect, I tells ya!  I am getting no respect for my position on this Iknitarod team.  If it weren't for my pristine, shiny white curls, she wouldn't be liking the yarn so well.  I can promise you that! And has she told any stories about me?  Didn't think so!  No respect..."

Oh Buddy, you are one of the most important sheep on the farm!  And your stories are so good that I don't want to try to tell them when I'm tired, like right now.  And you are right, even though it's hard to believe, looking at you, your pretty white curls really did make the yarn super nice.  Just hang in there for a little while longer.

I finally made it off the river (the cable and lace portion).  Too tired to chance doing the next part wrong, so I'm going to "take an eight".


  1. He may be big and bulky but he's a bundle of beautiful wool!!! Now Buddy, you continue to be a model sheep for the rest of those youngin's in the farm family, because you are just the best!

  2. I love the curls and the dreads.

  3. He is a beautiful, beautiful SHEEPS!!!

  4. Oh Buddy, I remember Sara calling you "The Kindest Sheep in the Whole World" some years ago. That sweet story has stuck in my memory for so many years: about how you were such a good friend to Ewenice, and as she was having troubles with old age, you watched out for her and comforted her.

    I remember reading one day that after everyone left to go outside in the morning, Ewenice was not with the group, and so you hung back also. Come to find out, she was there in the back of the shed in a corner, and unable to get herself up. You were trying to get Sara's attention so she could help Ewenice, which she did.

    So you see, Buddy, not only are you deserving of and have earned lots of respect, but you are also a very special, important sheep!!! I remember Sara writing in this blog about how you have the best curls, how you produce the most lanolin, and how she has noticed over the years that you are almost never, ever grumpy!

    So here's to you, Buddy, the kindest sheep in the world . . . . thank you!!!

    1. Oh this is just the sweetest comment ever. See Buddy? You are so special that other people from far away can tell your stories, too :-).

    2. We all love ya Buddy! You're SO very special, and... You are no doubt Prez of the Cool Hair Club, this year!

  5. Buddy is the best, the glue that holds the flock together!

  6. Love that sweet face! He's a handsome one for sure.


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